12 Oct 2014

B-girls on the Rise

From Standing Room Only, 2:49 pm on 12 October 2014

B girls Nossy and Legend

Lauren Dunningham aka B-girl Legend and Jody Stewart aka B-girl Nossy know a thing or two about battling it  out on the dance floor. Their dance style of choice is ‘breaking’ or breakdancing and although B-boy culture here is still fairly small, it’s definitely on the rise. Originating through U.S hip-hop culture B-boying has been around since the 1970’s, and in New Zealand women are still fairly new to the scene, but B-girl Legend says, “we’re equally as fierce.”  

The pair met only a year ago and have entered Battle of the Year twice, and this year they were lucky enough to come out on top, winning the finals of the New Zealand qualifying round which means that they head to Germany this October to compete in Battle of the Year.

The pair competed in the 2 on 2 battle and when they head overseas they’ll be competing first-up against Japan, who are the reigning world champs. The girls are more excited than intimidated and say they feel honoured to have the challenge at the top of the competition. They’re definitely doing their research and are prepared to give it their best shot. The competition will see B-boys and B-girls battle it out in different categories—some as duos and others in solo battles. In layman’s terms the aim of the game is to out-do their opponents moves, with their personality and signature style and tricks coming to the fore.

Winners of the competition take home the World title, along with other dance and performance opportunities that are likely to come their way.

Both girls have a wealth of dance experience behind them and their styles are complimentary. B-girl Legend  has represented New Zealand at the World Hip-Hop Championships (2008), and currently judges the competition, as well as having co-directed Triple & Funk dance company for six years. While Canadian-born, B-girl Nossy brings her background in cheerleading to her bubbly, happy breaking style; she discovered a passion for breaking as a result of taking lessons at Pineapple Studio in London and currently teaches ‘breaking’ in Auckland.  

Kent Christensen is the driving force behind New Zealand’s Battle of the Year with 20-years of dance experience to his name.

“B-boying gave me a voice and options I would never have had growing up in South Auckland. I am a fulltime youth worker at youth line, so I use the creative arts to really bring hope and a future, and help youth to find themselves.”

B-girls Nossy and Legend along with B-boys Akorn and Hugga will travel to Germany to compete at Battle of the Year on the 18th October. To find out more about the B-boying scene in New Zealand, head to TheBreaksNZ.