29 Mar 2015

Candice Breitz - exploring ourselves on screen

From Standing Room Only, 1:46 pm on 29 March 2015

Candice Breitz

Artist Candice Breitz makes video art encouraging us to ask ourselves some hard questions, particularly how we're influenced by popular culture. She's filmed Michael Jackson fans re-performing his Thriller tracks in their own way, explored the lives of professional child actors and s interviewed twins and triplets to show how they're different and how they're the same.

Candice Breitz was born in Johannesburg but these days she lives in Berlin, where she's a Professor of Fine Art. Some of her videos have just gone on show at Wellington’s City Gallery. Lynn Freeman asks why she go into video art.


FACTUM TANG from Candice Breitz.

Factum (2010), explores individuality and efforts to demonstrate solidarity and difference within identical triplets and twins. King (a portrait of Michael Jackson) (a portrait of Michael Jackson) (2005) looks at how identity and self-expression is displayed through imitation.

Candice Breitz - still from King

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