21 Feb 2016

English Writer Antony Penrose - The Boy Who Bit Picasso

From Standing Room Only, 2:49 pm on 21 February 2016

As a child, Antony Penrose hung out with the famous artist Pablo Picasso - he was a friend of young Tony's parents, artist and writer Roland Penrose and photographer Lee Miller. Many years later, Antony Penrose writes books for children. In The Boy Who Bit Picasso, he gives us a rather different perspective on the legend. His latest book is called Miro's Magic Animals. Spanish artist Joan Miró was a very different character to Picasso but just as endearing to the young Tony. Antony Penrose is heading to New Zealand for a series of talks around the country, and Lynn Freeman spoke to him in Australia, first about some of the drawings Picasso drew for him.