4 Sep 2016

Everybody Cool Lives Here

From Standing Room Only, 2:50 pm on 4 September 2016

A cast with and without disabilities populate the imaginary town of Smithsville in the new theatre show No Post on Sunday. It's the latest production from Wellington theatre company Everybody Cool Lives Here.

Director Isobel MacKinnon tells Mike Gourley that rather than being scripted, No Post on Sunday is a "devised' show in which the performers share their own concerns and imaginings and come up with the story as group.

She says the results are "unique and hilarious".

“The [stories] are poignant and emotional and also at times really absurd. I think giving voice to this cast – giving them the chance to determine what a worthy story is – has created something that’s really unique and different to the kind of stories that I see around Wellington theatre scenes."

The artistic director of Everybody Cool Lives Here, Rose Kirkup, says that in theatre making, having a disability doesn’t equate to having special needs.

“We all have particular needs and we all have things we need to be considerate of and at times we need to work around.”