5 Mar 2017

Sioux-Tongan artist and musician Juliana Brown Eyes-Kaho

From Standing Room Only, 1:42 pm on 5 March 2017

Juliana Brown Eyes-Kaho has an unusual background - she's Sioux-Tongan. She's also a photographer, an artist, a musician and an activist. Juliana was one of the first to protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, planned to run almost 2-thousand kilometres from Iowa to North Dakota. Her aunt's land is being dug up as part of the 4-billion dollar crude oil pipeline. The protesters managed to get the project suspended last year, but this month, with President Donald Trump's backing, things are back in motion. Right now she's far from the protest action - she's in Auckland on the Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust 2017 Artist Residency. Lynn Freeman asks about her whakapapa and what's happening at her home.