28 May 2017

Stanley Makuwe's latest play Finding Temeraire

From Standing Room Only, 2:25 pm on 28 May 2017

For me being a New Zealander now, I really cherish my nomination for the Adam New Zealand award for me it's a big thing because it made me realise that you can make it here, you can be recognised here in New Zealand.

Finding Temeraire

Finding Temeraire Photo: supplied

Stanley Makuwe

Stanley Makuwe Photo: supplied

Tawanda Manyimo

Tawanda Manyimo Photo: supplied

Award winning African New Zealand playwright Stanley Makuwe is more a household name in his birth-place Zimbabwe than he is in his here.  But like fellow Southern African imports like Urzula Karlson and Irene Van Dyke, he's keen to share his talents with his new adopted home.   Stanley's new play Finding Temeraire is about to be staged at Mangere Arts Centre. Stanley and actor Tawanda Manyimo talk to Simon Morris.