5 Nov 2017

Is digital poetry still poetry?

From Standing Room Only, 2:40 pm on 5 November 2017

For poets these days there are far more options to share their work than there used to be, beyond the printed page. But seeing their words and name in print for many is still the ultimate ambition. Auckland's about to host the 2017 Poetry Conference and Festival - three days of discussions, readings, performances and writers workshops. One of the big panel discussions is called "Digital versus Print" - how do we publish and broadcast, now? Lynn Freeman talks to two of the panellists - Sam Elworthy Director of Auckland University Press, and poet Doug Poole from Blackmail Press, an online journal promoting contemporary poets. She also speaks to Conference organiser Anita Arlov. The 2017 Auckland Poetry Conference and Festival are on between the 10th and 12th of November.