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8:12 Insight: Woollen Renaissance

Insight considers the resurgence in the wool industry and asks if it’s going to last.
Written and presented by Kevin Ikin.
Produced by Philippa Tolley.

8:40 Owen Marshall – Larnach Love Triangle

Owen Marshall likens the story of the once-grand Dunedin family, the Larnachs, to a Shakespearian tragedy - involving high ambition, grand achievement, and a stunning fall. He tells Chris that it’s all there in the story of William Larnach. Marshall’s new book is based on the real-life love triangle of Larnach, MP and business leader, his third wife, Constance, and his son from a previous marriage, Douglas, and explores their relationships within the socially-restrictive world of Dunedin in the late 19th-century.
‘The Larnachs’, by Owen Marshall, is published by Random House.

9:06 Mediawatch

This week we talk to a former Australian finance minister who says media reporting is turning politics into sideshow – and that’s damaging democracy there. But are the media or politicians really to blame for this? And is what is happening over there also happening here? We also look at the media response to developments in the story that damaged Darren Hughes's political career, and a so-called racial slur that stirred up a few people in the media – but not many.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:40 Rachael King – Tribute to Michael

The late Michael King was one of New Zealand’s most popular and respected historians. ‘The Silence Beyond’ is a personal collection of King’s writings and  his daughter, Rachael, who has written an introduction to the book, talks to Chris about her father and the essays, talks and eulogies in the book – many in print for the first time.
‘The Silence Beyond. Selected Writings by Michael King’ is published by Penguin.

10:06 Raewyn Peart – Governing the Oceans

Environment Minister Nick Smith recently announced new laws to manage the environmental effects of activities like petroleum exploration and mining within New Zealand's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Raewyn Peart, senior policy analyst from the Environmental Defence Society, talks to Chris about the case for a makeover of the institutional and legal frameworks for managing our coastal resources.

10:45 Hidden Treasures

Trevor Reekie showcases a couple of new releases from the enigmatic Howie Gelb; plus the Harbour Union from Lyttelton.
Produced by Trevor Reekie

11.05 Ideas: China’s Great Green Wager

This episode of the American-produced A World of Possibilities programme explores how China is both the most polluted nation on earth and well on its way to becoming the most environmentally advanced. The programme is hosted by Mark Summer and features: Barbara Finnamore, China Program Director, Natural Resources Defence Council; Edward Steinfeld, Director of MIT-China Programme; Ming Sung, Chief Asia Pacific Representative, Asia-Pacific Clean Air Task Force; and Mark Levine, Senior Staff Scientist and Group Leader, China Energy Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

11.55 Feedback

What you, the listeners, say on the ideas and issues that have appeared in the programme.