10 Aug 2014

David Doubilet : An Underwater Life

From Sunday Morning, 10:35 am on 10 August 2014

David Doubilet with tiger shark CR Jennifer Hayes
David Doubilet with tiger shark. Photograph © Jennifer Hayes.

Gallery: photographs by David Doubilet

Born in New York City in 1946, underwater photographer David Doubilet has spent 50 years under the surface of the world’s waters in the far corners of the world, including interior Africa, remote tropical coral reefs, rich temperate seas and recent projects in the northern and southern ice. He has photographed more than 70 stories and many covers for National Geographic and his work is representative of the outstanding photographic image that is the hallmark of the National Geographic society. His mission is to simply inspire people about the world we live in.  

David was in New Zealand for a show called Coral, Fire, & Ice: Explore Secret Underwater Worlds with David Doubilet. Wallace asked him about trying his hand at underwater photography at the age of 12 with a Brownie Hawkeye and a rubber anesthesiologists bag.