19 Apr 2015

Laurie Benson - Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

From Sunday Morning, 9:40 am on 19 April 2015

Edward Robert Hughes The princess out of school c National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne
Edward Robert HUGHES, English 1851, –, 1914, The princess out of school , (c. 1901), gouache and watercolour with scratching out, (52.0 x 95.3 cm) , National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Purchased, 1901.

In 1848 seven disenchanted young artists in London formed an avant-garde art group named the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, which rejected the conventions of the art establishment and aimed to change the direction of British art.

The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne has been collecting pre-Raphaelite art since the 1880s and curator Laurie Benson talks to Wallace about staging a major exhibition – highlights include works by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Robert Hughes.

Gallery: work by the Pre-Raphaelites