27 Mar 2016

Diana Noonan and Carol Geissler - Women of the Catlins

From Sunday Morning, 8:40 am on 27 March 2016
Carol Geissler

Carol Geissler Photo: Cris Antona

Writer Diana Noonan and photographer Cris Antona tell the stories of 26 women living in one of the remotest parts of the country in Women of the Catlins - Life in the Deep South.

Diana Noonan

Diana Noonan Photo: Supplied

Wallace Chapman is joined by Diana, who lives in the Catlins, and Carol Geisser, who features in the book, to discuss family, work, isolation and their relationship with the rugged, beautiful landscape in which they live. (He also tries to talk them into moving to Auckland.)

Women of the Catlins - Life in the Deep South is published by Otago University Press