6 Jul 2014

Anna Guenther - pledgeme

From Sunday Morning, 11:08 am on 6 July 2014

Crowd sourcing of venture capital via the web? Enter: PledgeMe.

Anne Guenther

Anna Guenter is the founder and CEOof New Zealand’s leading crowd-funding platform, PledgeMe.

Up until now internet-based crowd funding has been limited to personal and community projects seeking a hand-up, but a recent change in government regulation means it can now be used by businesses seeking equity funding.

Enter Pledgeme. A local crowd funding platform which is just two years old. There is more about the PledgeMe start-up process on The Wireless website.

Here Wallace Chapman talks to CEO Anna Guenter about the rapid development of crowd funding in New Zealand and the implications of the recent changes for how start-up companies are likely to go about raising capital in the future.