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24 Hereturikoka (August) 2008

"Mate atu he tetekura, ara mai he tetekura."
As one fern withers and dies, a new fern takes its place
Explanation by Muriwai Ihaakara

Whether it's acting or directing Julian Arahanga loves telling Maori stories. His latest documentary, Turangaarere (screened Anzac Day 2008) profiles the life and death of Porokoru Patapu (John) Pohe. Of Ngati Rangi descent, Pohe showed a natural aptitude for flying and consequently become one of the first Maori fighter pilots for the New Zealand Royal Air Force (NZRAF) during the Second World War. Commandeering a record number of missions Pohe was executed by a German Firing Squad in 1944. Until Turangaarere his story has largely been confined to whanau archives. Arahanga explains to Maraea Rakuraku why he took on the project.

Trey Lorenz, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson did it. They moved from being back up vocalists to stars in their own right. It's only fitting then to ask Kahungunu Lisa Tomlins who has supported a who's who of Aotearoa musicians - What's holding her back from going solo? Melody Thomas talks with Tomlins about her numerous musical collaborations and in the process discovers a hobby calling for big thighed gals.

Aroha ki te tangata means the demonstration of affection towards a person. By the looks of it, Kihi Ngatai is truly loved if you take the buses, vans and number of people who turned up last week in Wellington for his powhiri to the Waitangi Tribunal into account. Justine Murray talked to the whanau at the event.

Mihirangi blends her vocalisations, (this girl loves the distort pedal!) and socially conscious lyrics to create a unique sound. Wash Away the Day from her third album No War features.