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05 September 2010

"Kia kaha tatou ki te taha wairua."
Stay strong to your spiritual side.
This week's whakatāuki was explained by Wairukuruku Maere nō Ngāti Poporo, Tainui.

Being a kaumatua isn't easy. It comes with expectations, some realistic and some not, and it isn't all about wearing black clothes and overseeing solemn Māori occasions, as Ngāti Pōrou kaumatua Wiremu and Jossie Kaa (below) explain to Maraea Rakuraku.

Te Waka Toi 2010 Jossie KaaTe Waka Toi 2010 Wiremu Kaa.

You've heard of mobile health clinics? Well, thanks to Te Runanga o Ngai te Rangi there are now mobile gyms servicing the Tauranga area. Manager of Te Runanga o Ngai te Rangi Paora Stanley talks with Justine Murray about their purpose and other initiatives aimed at improving the overall wellbeing of Māori.

Some may say Temuera Morrison was destined to be on stage, given his performing pedigree. After reading his biography, From Haka to Hollywood by Paul Little we think you'll agree. Justine and Maraea review the 2009 publication.