27 Jan 2008

Te Ahi Kaa mo 27 Kohi-tatea (January) 2008

From Te Ahi Kaa, 6:06 pm on 27 January 2008

We remember a man who's love of the written and spoken word captivated a nation, Nga Puhi poet Hone Tuwhare(1922 - 2008).
Born in 1922 near Kaikohe, Tuwhare grew up with his father in Auckland where he excelled in English at school. He thanks his father for encouraging his love and interest in the spoken and written word. However it wasn't until his 40s that he released his first book of poetry "No Ordinary Sun", to critical acclaim. A dozen more collections followed, with one anthology "Shapeshifter" claiming the 1999 Montana Book Award for Poetry.

Te Ahi Kaa has an interview Hone Tuwhare did in 2001 with former Radio New Zealand Broadcaster, John Campbell, about his art, his love of life, and kai.