10 May 2015

Te Ahi kaa mo 10 o Haratua (May)

From Te Ahi Kaa, 6:06 pm on 10 May 2015

On the 5th May, 2004 tens of thousands of people marched to the steps of Parliament in protest against the government's proposed legislation to replace that Foreshore and Seabed Act. It's eleven year's since the Mass Hikoi lead by Hone Harawira ended on the steps of Parliament.

The politically motivated hikoi inspired award winning playwright Miria George to pen the radio drama Hikoi Hikoi.

Miria (Te Arawa; Ngati Awa; Rarotonga & Atiu, Cook Islands) was in her early 20's when she wrote Hikoi Hikoi, she was in her final year of study and at the time she was working at Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Awa ki Pōneke, Miria recalls her participation in the 2004 Foreshore and Seabed Hikoi.

 The day the Foreshore and Seabed Hikoi finally arrived here in Wellington was stormy Tawhirimātea was certainly walking with us all that day!  The overwhelming numbers of Māori and tauiwi walking side by side was an unforgettable sight as the central city was shut down by the power of the people. And now today, the vigilance of Māori in our role as kaitiaki becomes more prevalent than ever ,there is an urgency to protect our people, our whenua and waters from exploitation.

Miria George Lo Res
Miria George                                                             Photo: Supplied

Hikoi Hikoi

Author: Miria George
Produced by Hone Kouka
Actors: Waimihi Hotere, Jason Te Patu, Erina Daniels, Miria George, Peter Hambleton and Katherine McRae.

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