14 Jun 2015

Skinwriting III - Episodes 1 - 3

From Te Ahi Kaa, 6:06 pm on 14 June 2015

SkinWriting III

The first three episodes of Skinwriting season 3 feature in this week's line-up, the series is set in a Taa Moko studio owned by Pushy Te Aratapu (played by Jim Moriarty), Niwa Te Aratapu (played by Olivia Robinson) is an aspiring Taa Moko artist and runs the office, Pushy's apprentice Matt Te Wano (played by Taungaroa Emile) continues to be the protaganist of the story and is mentored by Pushy in the tikanga (practise) of Taa Moko.

Jamie McCaskill and James Nokise wrote this week's episodes, Jamie is an accomplished actor and playwright, he won the Bruce Mason Playwriting award in 2013 for his play Manawa. James Nokise is a stand up comedian and\was nominated for two Billy T James Comedy awards. He has also written for television comedy series, and has performed in the UK festival circuit.

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A snapshot into this week's episodes: Pushy heads to Te Reo Māori (māori language) class only to be confronted by the fact that he and the tutor are the only māori.

A young samoan man uses his inheritance money to get tattoo work done, only to be faced by an angry father who is opposed to it, favoring traditional tatau instead.

Pushy meets Tui, another māori student who has joined his Te Reo class.

The series was produced by Jason Te Kare and engineered by Phil Benge.

Full Cast of Skinwriting III

Tangaroa Emile, Olivia Robinson, Jim Moriarty, Matu Ngaropo, Jarod Rawiri
Chardon Meredith, Ete Eteuati, Moana Ete, Gavin Rutherford, Rob Mokaraka,
Jennifer Martin, Richard Osborne and Scotty Cotter.