10 Jul 2011

Te Ahi Kaa mo 10 o Hongongoi (July) 2011

From Te Ahi Kaa, 6:00 pm on 10 July 2011

In 1987 Chris Winitana was the tutor of the then newly set up Waiariki Polytechnic Maori Journalism course in Rotorua, one of his students in that intake was Maramena Roderick. Chris has gone to set up Kura and Kohanga Reo and has produced a number of audio and reading maori language resources, Maramena became an award winning Journalist. Twenty four years on, both teacher and student are in a panel discussion with Maraea Rakuraku, joined with Journalist Jon Stokes about the state of Maori Journalism today, has anything changed in 24 years?