5 Jun 2016

Beyond Tolerance - 5 June

From TED Radio Hour, 12:00 am on 5 June 2016

Beyond Tolerance

Most of us were raised to believe that tolerance is a good thing. 
But is mere tolerance enough, or is it just the bare minimum? 
Host Guy Raz talks with TED speakers about how to move beyond tolerance to a place of deeper understanding.

Arthur Brooks: Why Do Conservatives Need Liberals - And Vice Versa? 
Vernā Myers: How Can We Have A More Candid Conversation About Race? 
Aspen Baker: What's A Better Way To Talk About Abortion? 
Brick - String Quartet Tribute to Ben Folds Vitamin String Quartet
Aziz Abu Sarah: How Can Tourism Promote Peace In The Middle East? 

From NPR’s TED Radio Hour


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