29 Sep 2013

TED Radio Hour: The Power of Crowds

From TED Radio Hour, 4:06 pm on 29 September 2013

Technology-enabled collaboration draws us closer, makes us smarter, and allows us to innovate through the wisdom of a crowd. A new wave of collaborative consumption is transforming consumerism and the rules of engagement. What is the true potential of 21st century collaboration? Is this a new phenomenon - or have we seen this movie before? Featuring extracts from the Ted Talks: Clay Shirky: How Can Social Media Make History? Can Crowds Celebrate As A Form Of Protest? (and  how 40,000 Norwegans reclaimed a beloved children's song from a Killer) Marcin Jakubowski: Can We Open-Source Hardware? Casey Pugh: How Many People Can You Fit in a Star Wars Remake? Charlie Todd: Why Do Crowds Do Absurd Things In Public? Eric Whitacre: How Do You Make A Virtual Choir?

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