28 Nov 2014

Te Manu Korihi News for 28 November 2014

From Te Manu Korihi, 6:55 pm on 28 November 2014

A new report into family violence is recommending kaupapa Maori based research centres be set up, to find culturally relevant ways of stopping domestic abuse amongst tangata whenua; The Hamilton-based Te Runanga o Kirikiriroa says it will need to sell most of the 62-homes its planning to build otherwise it won't be able to continue developing more homes for people in need; The Society of Maori Astronomy Research and Traditions says it wants to help whanau, hapu and iwi save money and time by fishing according to the Maori Calendar; Students completing advanced Te Reo papers at Waikato University during the summer is growing in popularity, which a senior lecturer is celebrating.