17 Jul 2015

Te Waonui a Te Manu Korihi for 17 July 2015

From Te Manu Korihi, 8:00 pm on 17 July 2015

A group of Maori and Pacifica dancers will take to the international stage at the world's largest arts festival;A prominent Maori lawyer says the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement poses a serious threat to the intellectual property rights of tangata whenua;A garden that showcases different varieties of New Zealand's indigenous flora in north-eastern France is being credited with promoting Maori culture in Europe;People are being warned that selling homemade hangi for profit could soon attract a hefty fine;Educationalists are warning that Maori must find new ways to encourage more young people to enrol in tertiary education;The Bay of Plenty Regional Council says it's cleaned up its act after a lack of communication with Maori following an oil spill in April;An American documentary film maker in this country on a Fulbright Schloarship says it's possible to learn a lot about Maori culture through artistic expression.