29 Nov 2017

Thank you notes and regulations

From The House, 10:35 pm on 29 November 2017

Three weeks after the Governor General's Speech from the Throne, MPs have ended a debate on whether or not to send her a respectful note in response. 

In total, 19 hours are put aside for the Address in Reply - It's a wide-ranging debate in which new MPs give their maiden speeches and old ones give their political speeches. 

This week the MPs wrapped up the debate and decided whether or not to send a "respectful address".

There was also other business to tidy up such as the second reading of the Subordinate Legislation Amendment Bill which included discussion about what a chicken is - yep, really. 

The House explains it all below. 

Chickens and rooster on an organic farm.

Some members of the species gallus domesticus.  Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson