24 May 2018

Better work stories: MPs hear submissions on employment law

From The House, 5:40 am on 24 May 2018

Thoughts on changes to employment law for union visits, meal breaks and 90 day trials are being shared with the Education and Workforce Committee.

Members of the public who have put forward submissions can also opt to speak to a select committee in person to share their views on a bill.

The proposed changes are part of the Employment Relations Amendment Bill and it’s the committee’s job to hear the views of the public, consider the details of the Bill and write a report for the House.

MPs from both sides of the House sit on the committee and they will hear a wide range of opinions from a variety of submitters as they examine the bill. 

Listen to hear some submitters share their stories.

National MP Scott Simpson in Select Committee

National MP Scott Simpson listens to a submission on changes to employment law. Photo: VNP / Phil Smith