17 Jan 2015


From The Weekend, 11:06 am on 17 January 2015

Airbnb Eva Ross and Sam McDonagh
Eva Ross (Airbnb Operations Lead), Sam McDonagh (Airbnb Country Manager)

Airbnb is a travel phenomenon. Kiwis have proved keen to sign on, either by offering their homes to overseas travellers though the website, or booking accommodation for their travels in peoples' homes rather than hostels and hotels. It’s a handy site for people wanting to make some cash from their spare rooms.

How does Airbnb ensure the safety of its hosts and travellers? Comedian Pinky Agnew shares her experience of Airbnb; Lynn Freeman talks to Airbnb country manager Sam McDonagh and operations Eva Ross; and to host Laura Tulloch, who runs a Facebook page and support network for New Zealanders who are opening up their homes to visitors under the Airbnb umbrella.