2 Jan 2016

Who does medical trials?

From The Weekend, 10:07 am on 2 January 2016
Dr Rinki Murphy

Dr Rinki Murphy Photo: Supplied

Medical trials depend on people being prepared to try new drugs or to take part in experimental procedures which may not help them now, but might help others in the future.

There are many reason not to answer calls for help from researchers but without people willing to sign up for trials, better medication and other treatments with real potential to help out a raft of health issues can't get over a crucial hurdle.

Dr Rinki Murphy from the University of Auckland is a specialist in diabetics who often puts out requests for volunteers to help in her research projects.

Lynn Freeman also spoke to Rinki’s colleague Brendan, who is diabetic and signed up for a genetic test.

Current medical trials looking for volunteers

TYPE 2 DIABETES GENETICS:. Key eligibility criteria: Type 2 diabetes diagnosed below the age of 30 years, please contact Dr Ofa Dewes on 027 208 6109 or email: o.dewes@auckland.ac.nz

COMPLEMENT: first in human study of metabolic neuromodulation therapy to improve type 2 diabetes. Key eligibility criteria: age 18-70 with HbA1c >58 and on metformin tablets. Please contact Jan Burd on 09 307 4949, ext 24365 or email: Jburd@adhb.govt.nz

SMS4BG: study to assess the effectiveness of text message support in improving self-management of diabetes. Key eligibility criteria: aged 16 or over with type 1 or type 2 diabetes and HbA1c >65, please contact Rosie Dobson on 021 767 437 or email: r.dobson@auckland.ac.nz

HUMBA: to assess the effectiveness of probiotic and or specific dietary education on reducing gestational diabetes. Key eligibility criteria: overweight, less than 18 weeks pregnant, please call 027 HUMBA 0 or 027 4862200.