10 Nov 2013

At Least We Have Our Jobs by Francesca Emms

From The War Artist
tired lady at computer

Photo: 123rf

Jenny loses her boyfriend, but finds a job in a government-funded agency. The workplace experience convinces her to rethink her direction in life.

At Least We Have Our Jobs is a social-commentary musical cabaret that asks questions about the workplace, the recession, management style and the plight of the solo working mother.

Written by Francesca Emms with music by Robbie Ellis

Vocalists: Bianca Andrew, Georgia Jamieson-Emms, Phoebe Hurst, Craig Beardsworth, Paul Harrop

Cast: Alex Grieg, Erin Banks, Phoebe Hurst, Emma Kinane, Cohen Holloway, Heather O’Carroll, Hayden Weal, Tim Gordon