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New Music Mix producer Nick Atkinson takes a walk through his record collection with Kirsten Johnstone. Beginning with a Front Lawn track recorded live at Roundhead studios Nick charts his musical odyssey through rock, rap and soul. From the latest Julian Dyne cut to Ellington from archives, from Fugazi to Bachelorette, Nick picks a hand-full of tunes from acts that have had a lasting influence on his musical development. Tune in to hear an essential mix 35 years in the making.

Nick's Mix Tape track listing

Andy. Don McGlashan and Neil Finn recorded live at Roundhead by Radio New Zealand

I'm Coming Home. The Spinners recorded live in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1974

Home, Land And Sea. Trinity Roots

Thanks For The Beautiful Land On The Delta. Duke Ellington

Long Division. Fugazi

On My Radio. The Selecter

Her Rotating Head. Bachelorette

Lie In The Arms. The Stereo Bus