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Shapeshifter and Tiki Tane

This summer Shapeshifter played to 26,000 kiwis and grossed the best part of 1.5 million dollars. Nick went to their second sold-out show at Mangawhai Tavern to find out why Tiki still has to load the PA, how the drummer Redford came to leave the band and will the band eventually loose their hearing from the excessive crowd noise and awesome onstage volume the group produce.

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Nick is talking to Sam Trevethick from Shapeshifter

The Veils

Prolific travellers and captivating performers The Veils are also breaking in a new drummer. Nick caught up with Finn and Sophia before their Big Day Out show and then spoke to Finn the week after the big festival. With a speaking voice that could seduce an iceberg Finn spun captivating yarns about the ensemble almost catching fire in Portugal among other things.

Passion Pit

This baby-faced set of synth scientists from Boston were the must-see it-band of the Big Day Out. Nick spoke with the cherubic Ian Hultquist as the rest of the band succumbed to a battery of interviews from all sectors of the New Zealand music press. Hultquist is the bands multi-instrumentalist switching from guitar to synth with searing speed and dexterity. Fans of Phoenix and dance-music, Passion Pit are being worked hard by SONY as they bludgeon themselves against a relentless touring schedule. Perhaps the question is how bright will this flash in the pan burn?