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Mint Chicks new EP, Bad Buzz

Balancing on loops of razor-wire and teetering above a three-story drop is just part of Kody Neilson's job description. The crowd winced at the lead-singers antics during a roof-top launch of the Mint Chicks new EP, Bad Buzz. Meanwhile Ruben Neilson beat his aged telecaster accompanied by two bass players spanking out the bands new tracks. With Ruben ruminating on turning thirty and drummer Paul Roper wanting to join The Veils the band are as mysterious and unpredictable as ever. The Music Mix catches up with this ever compelling ensemble. We also talk to the founders of who have manufactured the Bad Buzz EP in the form of a sexy rubber USB stick. is a new web-site dedicated to facilitating a creative dialogue between fans and acts.

The Ruby Suns new album, Fight Softly

The new Ruby Suns album is upon us. Kirsten Johnstone has charted their career path for several years now. She talks to Ryan McPhun ahead of their frankly brutal tour of America and beyond. Marvel at the subtle African influences infused into the new tracks as Johnstone speaks with Californian Kiwi McPhun.

Scalper new album, Flesh And Bones

The Music Mix goes bush to talk to rapper, producer and chicken farmer Nadeem Shafi, alias Scalper. He's got wind-chimes, a massive pig and a serene view from his Bethels Beach balcony. Yet his music is, as his niece says, scary. We find Scalper in a state of inspiration; waxing on unity and the magnificent unlikelihood of existence. A Londoner of Pakistani stock, Nadeem calls on a diverse and street-savvy collection of influences. A deeply urban man making records in his converted rural laundry.