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International Record Store Day

As a teenager Ladyhawke, a.k.a. Pip Brown, worked her fingers to the bone washing dishes in the gloomy kitchen of a Chinese take-away restaurant in Masterton. She earned a paltry $3.60 an hour. On pay-day Pip would head to Masterton's brand new Warehouse discount store to splurge up to $40.00 on a single CD. But Pip's story is far from unique. This week on The Music Mix we celebrate record stores. Whether it's the discount bin at the Warehouse or the chic, wood-stained shelves of Conch Records in Ponsonby, record stores are a vital cultural conduit. They often provide a first job to many in the music industry. Flying Nun founder Roger Shepherd got his first gig working in a record store. He joins a long and distinguished list of musicians and music-industry insiders who pick their favourite formative tunes from their early days digging in the crates and bins of record stores around the country. Computers Want Me Dead, Lewis McCallum, Ladyhawke and The Datsuns are all featured in this weeks Music Mix Record Store Special.