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Charles Lloyd

He grew up playing sax with BB King and Howlin' Wolf. He then went on to become one of the biggest selling jazz artists in America with his 1966 album Forest Flower. He recorded with The Doors and toured with The Beach Boys before going through a silent period of introspection. At 72 he's still traversing the globe and making records. Nick Atkinson spoke to him ahead of his only New Zealand concert earlier in May. Listen to the complete interview here.

Tim Guy

He's lived in Auckland for five years after finding the comparison with his old home town unflattering. Indeed Auckland has better music and is shinier overall than Melbourne. Jeremy Toy, Opensouls main man, joins Tim Guy in Radio New Zealand's Auckland studios to perform brand new tracks off his new record Big World. We also feature an exclusive performance of a new song called Fires Go Out. Listen here.

George and Queen

Richard Wain talks to the is enigmatic and charming duo who have gone on to found the four-piece band George and Queen. Listen to their Music 101 live session here!