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DJ Premier

There's a solid case to be made for DJ Premier being hip hop's most influential sonic architect. His chopped-up, sample-heavy productions provided the backbone for Gang Starr, the group he was a member of with the late, great rapper Guru, and provided a blueprint for a classic East Coast hip hop sound that is still highly sort after, 20 years after he made his debut. Sam Wicks spoke to DJ Premier ahead of an Auckland show he played this month.


Auckland group Rackets write fuzzy-noodley gems from their charming, character rental in Ellerslie. Their work hasn't gone unnoticed. In less than a year together they've supported Head Like A Hole, played a handful of summer festivals and have just released two mini albums "Friends" and "High Places" on Banished from the Universe, the new label of An Emerald City's Reuben Bonner. After a failed attempt or two, Emma Smith got Rackets' string section- Oscar Davies and Jeremy Amos in the studio.

Sydney Song Summit

Rockabilly raconteur Lindon Puffin reports back from the Sydney Song Summit with live music and interviews from fellow delegates Te Awanui Reeder, Barry Saunders, Andrew Spraggon, Victoria Girling-Butcher, Reb Fountain, Jesse Sheehan & Saipele Nili. The Sydney Song Summit is a bi-annual gathering of musicians, composers, producers, radio and record industry tycoons from around the globe. Held over three days, it encompasses lectures, discussion panels, workshops & performances from some of the most successful & innovative artists of the past 40 years. It is part of the Vivid Sydney Arts Festival.