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Eliza-Jane Barnes

Half of Liam Finn's dynamic stage show Eliza-Jane Barnes shines singing lead vocals on 2004, a track from the new Barb album. Currently slumming it in a glamorous Chelsea studio EJ spoke to Nick Atkinson on the phone from Manhattan about the unusual month long improvisational recording session that lead to this self titled debut recorded by Finn, James Milne, Seamus Ebbs and Connan Mockasin. Check out the first single Leo....


Black seeds storm America

Nick Atkinson gets a postcard from Philadelphia as he speaks with Black Seeds sound-man Chris Gee, He's also the man behind the live sound of funk behemoth Eru Dangerspiel. Gee tells of big crowds and moody house techs as the Wellington reggae band barrel through the US wowing crowds with their sunshine upbeat sound. But every band marches on their collective stomachs and the Black Seeds have found out an interesting way to survive in a healthy fashion on the road in the US.

Wahine Toa in session

As part of Maori Language week The Music Mix selects waiata from the live sessions of Southern Wahine Toa Ariana Tikao and Hannah Howes. They stopped by the RNZ studios to play songs on their way North recently.