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Nesian Mystik

After a glittering, almost decade long career that includes 11 top ten singles Nesian Mystik are calling it a day. They've had a unique and at times vexing career with illegal downloads having had a particularly severe effect on this central Auckland sextet. The Nesians have a new album coming out but the central Auckland boys from Grey Lynn and Western Springs say this will be their last. Nick Atkinson is in the studio with Donny and Junior.

Upper Hutt Posse

Aotearoa's original local Hip Hop band are back with their first predominantly Maori language offering called Tohe. This release sees founding member Dean Hapeta, now known as Te Kupu (The Word), branching out. He's heard rapping in te reo and he's singing. He's also playing guitar live for the first time with his seven piece band. Nick Atkinson spoke to the always political, always polarizing musician just before their recent Auckland show.

Eru Dangerspiel

Riki Gooch's projects include his newest release "Great News for the Modern Man - Live". The CD/DVD sees more than thirty musicians take to the stage for an all-out, bottom-heavy, funk romp. Among them, members of Fat Freddy's Drop, Dimmer, The Phoenix Foundation, Electric Wire Hustle, Kora and Opensouls. Melody Thomas had a chat with the man behind the madness. Check the loop site to get a free download of a track from the show. Also amusing is a review of the show by Auckland hip hop group Homebrew.