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The Earlybirds


These up and coming Devonport darlings roll into the Radio New Zealand studios to strum and sing us a handful of their new tracks off their debut album Favourite Fears. We marvel at their young, bright eyes and flawless skin and we try to understand how it is that guitarist Kane ter Veer manages to be at once outrageously youthful while powerfully evoking the atmosphere of a Soho rocker from 60s London.

Soul Island Volume 1

Christian McLay is an Auckland-based producer known as Dub Terminator. Frustrated by a lack of vocalists to record over his homemade rhythms, he embarked on a campaign to recruit suitable artists from overseas. Via email and the internet he has succeeded in the last six months to produce an entire album of his rhythms featuring emerging reggae vocalists from Jamaica, the UK, Canada, Europe and Africa. Dub Terminator meets with Dubhead to discuss the making of the Soul Island Volume 1 project and his ambitious plans for future international collaborations and releases.

Kat McDowell

"We're kind of up on the back-streets of Shibuya" says Kat McDowell while talking to Sam Wicks in Tokyo about the vibrant underground scene in the mega-city she now calls home. McDowell is a Japanese New Zealander who spent her childhood growing up in Auckland. She now writes bi-lingual lyrics to her groovy little pop numbers.