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Naked And Famous

Their gold plated single Young Blood has started a bidding war between UK record companies. In June the song made history on the New Zealand charts by becoming the first single of any kind to debut at number one in three years. But, Naked And Famous have left the record company that initially fostered the band through their early recordings. Their deal with Round Trip Mars was to include a full length album but the band and label-founder Jim Pinckney are no longer working together. Nick Atkinson contacted Pinckney but he declined to comment on the split. Nick then spoke with Naked And Famous core members Thom Powers and Alisa Xayalith. At a sound-check for one of their recent international supports he asked them if the parting of ways had been fractious.

The Phoenix Foundation collecting the set

With three awards in the pocket and five more nominations on the table our favourite hairy Wellingtonians are in danger of hoarding Tuis at this years big bash. Nick Atkinson attended the Technical Awards ceremony and spoke with Lee Prebble, who took out the "best engineer" gong for his work on the latest Foundation offering Buffalo. Then, on the morning after the glitzy shin-dig a slightly hung-over Samuel Flynn Scott and a surprisingly breezy Luke Buda ambled into Radio New Zealand's Auckland studio to discuss the evolving relationship between the band and their trusty engineer.