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Bannerman is the alter-ego of Auckland singer/song-writer Richie Setford. The new ensemble charts an extraordinary metamorphosis for Setford who spent many years wrangling the disco-funk behemoth that was One Million Dollars. Richie also plays in Brazilian samba band Batucada Sound Machine. Like One Million Dollars the Sound Machine is obese with musicians who are there primarily to get the party started. Bannerman unveils a darker and more contemplative side to Setford. Pastoral themes, craggy mountain slopes and hypnotised glass-blowers all serve to illustrate Setford's reflective folk-pop. With hints of Americana Setford plays a selection of songs from his first Bannerman album, The Dusty Dream Hole. He's joined in the studio by Cass Mitchell who's languid, sexy bass playing releases Setford's Baritone. Cole Goodley evokes an entire drum kit from a simple snare-drum and hi-hat. Check out Nick Bollinger's review of The Dusty Dream in the Sampler. Listen here!

Richie Setford of Bannerman

Richie Setford of Bannerman

Robert Scott

As well as playing in The Bats and The Clean, Robert Scott has released a wealth of surprising solo albums. Recent additions include a record of revived Otago folk songs, Songs of Otago's Past and a collection of kraut rock numbers recorded on cassette in the mid nineties - Tascam Hits. His simple, lingering pop songs are stretched, warped and heavily layered on his new solo album Ends Run Together. Produced by Dale Cotton, the album features members of Haunted Love, Onanon, and Operation Rolling Thunder, as well as long time Flying Nun whanau David Kilgour, Lesley Paris and Alan Starrett. Emma Smith talks with Robert about his new album Ends Run Together.

Real Groove gone

After 18 years in business Real Groove magazine was shut down abruptly last Friday. We talk to Groove Guide editor Leonie Hayden about the consolidation of Real Groove magazine with her baby the Groove Guide.