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Ladi 6 back from Berlin

You may remember earlier in the year we spoke to Ladi on the phone during a balmy night in Kreutzberg, Berlin where she was based for the Northern summer with her partner in life and music Brent Parks and their 6 year old son Philly. She was really starting to feel at home and it seems that Parks and Ladi 6 have absorbed some of that famously Germanic efficiency recording their follow-up to Time Is Not Much on a small budget in a tiny Studio apartment in Berlin. And while their life-style was striped back materialistically it was with some regret that they left Berlin a few weeks ago.


While Ladi 6 and Parks wear their roots and reggae influences somewhat subtley the flag bearers for local reggae are Katchafire. Their fourth album is called "On The Road Again". Front-man for the band, Logan Bell took time out from their hectic touring schedule to talk with Dubhead about why the location and recording process for this album made it a special experience for the band.

DJ Zinc

Local and international DJs have taken to a New Zealand made piece of software called Serato. It's a programme that allows DJs to control digital music on their laptops via real slabs of time-coded vinyl on real turntables. London based "jungle" and "drum'n'bass" pioneer DJ Zinc has warmed to the technology and he used it on a recent tour to the antipodes. Bick Atkinson sat down with the British DJ in a plush Auckland hotel lobby but before getting into the musical infinitum of his stylistic journey that has led to the development of a genre named "crack-house" he tried to break the ice by asking Zinc how the new coalition government was bedding down back in his distant homeland?