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Jessica Lea Mayfield

This young and very down-home singer-songwriter is a curious mix of artist and hooligan. With an ex-boyfriend in jail on murder charges and a penchant for beer, wine, whisky and weed Mayfield lives alone at her own farmhouse in rural Ohio. She released her first EP at the age of 15 and soon after she was surprised to see, on her myspace page, a message from Dan Auerbach of The Black keys. Their working relationship has blossomed and he's produced Mayfield's latest album at his own Easy Eye Sound System studio, that he's currently relocating to Nashville.

The Jim Jones Revue

Like so many rock bands The Jim Jones Revue mine a retro seam. But they take it back a decade earlier than most wallowing in the inspiration provided by rock'n'rollers like Jerry Lee Lewis. As founding member and Beth Orton's brother Rupert says "We used to picture an imaginary gig with Little Richard walking out with makeup on, in a pink suit, screaming about sex to a racially mixed audience. Where is anyone doing anything close to that now? If we could just do a little something close to that we'd be happy."