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Mumford & Sons

London based folk quartet Mumford & Sons have slowly but surely climbed charts throughout the world with their endearing debut album Sigh No More. This year they played on stage at the Grammy's with Bob Dylan! Nick Atkinson spoke to banjo player Winston Marshall, who'd just hours before returned from a comprehensive tour of some of the more far flung destinations within the British Isles. He immediately began waxing about the qualities of his chosen instrument, the banjo.

David Kilgour

His new solo album Left By Soft recorded with his band The Heavy Eights follows on from his Falling Debris collaboration with poet Sam Hunt and again features a contribution from his fellow icon. But this release may well be his last for a while. We got Richard Wain on the case. Mr Wain has interviewed Mr Kilgour more than a couple of times now and on this occasion he thought getting the artist to chat from his home-studio in North East Valley would be nice. So they spoke by phone with David recording himself. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time...

You can catch David Kilgour and The Heavy Eights on Thursday April 28th at the San Francisco Bath House in Wellington. They play The King's Arms in Auckland on Friday the 29th and finish up at home the following weekend, Saturday May 7th at The Empire.

The Coronation of Ladi 6....

Our jet-setting queen of New Zealand soul and hip hop has just won the $10,000 Taite Prize for her album The Liberation Of.... with mere hours between the announcement of her three Pacific Music Awards nominations Ladi and her man/producer/dj/backing-vocalist Brent Parks were almost too busy to take it all in. Nick Atkinson grabbed some time with Ladi 6, A.K.A. Karoline Tamati, just before she eloped to Paris on the way to summering in Berlin.