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Born in Pairs and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Asa has charmed French audiences with hints of reggae and soul grafted into her traditional Yoruba culture, rooted in Nigeria’s south-west. Our slow walking Music Mix producer Nick Atkinson rang Asa at a very inappropriate hour to find out more about her language, music and upbringing.

Handsome Furs

“I’m a nerd, I like politics” says Handsome Furs’ founder Dan Boeckner. With his wife Alexei Perry they form a compact touring party especially as their latest record Sound Kapital finds the pair abandoning guitars for synths and keyboards. The well-travelled band call themselves “closet journalists” and at times they find it difficult to return to North America. “I threatened to burn my passport at one point on that tour when I was really drunk” reflects Boeckner as he speaks with Music 101's Kirsten Johnstone.

Alexei Perry and Dan Boeckner of Handsome Furs

Head Like A Hole

“Thank god I’m outta there, it’s bad for my health” says HLAH lead-singer Booga Beazly while looking back on the demise of the band. But it wasn’t long before he had the yen to start playing again. First they had to confront the various circumstances that had led to the groups break-up, not least Nigel’s admission that the band’s finances had been squandered. “The $10,000.00 in the bank account…I’ve spent it.” It was a shock for the band to hear. Nigel then headed off to rehab. Over a decade later the dirty Wellingtonians are back and they have a new band member who’s nick-name, Richard Wain discovers, is “fizzy wine.” Even Nigel is back in the band!