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Hollie Smith and Mara TK

Band of Brothers Vol.1 is Hollie Smith’s third album which finds the often tortured composer collaborating with the taciturn soul singer and Electric Wire Hustle front-man Mara TK. The electronic future-soul music beds and steady hand of TK have made the recording process far less fraught for Smith who smiles wryly as she reflects upon the tumult involved recording her previous two albums. Nick Atkinson speaks to Hollie in the studios in Auckland and, after many false leads, gets Mara TK on the phone from Berlin where EWH are based.

Mara TK and Hollie Smith

Mara TK and Hollie Smith. Photo Alan Wright

Steve Kilbey and Ricky Maymi in session

Another construct from an artist wanting to escape the confines of his previous work. Steve Kilbey is best known as the lead singer of Australian band The Church, who had a big international hit with Under the Milky Way. He’s teamed up with one of the founding members of the frankly chaotic Brain Jonestown Massacre, Ricky Maymi, to invent an artist called David Neil. The two weathered musicians record a live session that includes songs from this fictional character’s repertoire with Nick Atkinson.


DJ Shadow

Though his recent Powerstation concert was poorly attended the Californian DJ and producer is still searching hard for musical answers in a world where songs, beats and tunes are constantly devalued. Now he’s hiding his sounds deep within the mp3 middens accumulating on the internet. “I’m pretty sure it might take years for some of these things to be found” says Shadow as he explains his oblique creative philosophy to Sam Wicks.