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The Music Mix Berlin Special

What do Ladi 6, The Phoenix Foundation, An Emerald City, Hollie Smith, James Duncan and the drummer from HDU all have in common? No, it’s not a secret lust after the music of Taylor Swift, well it is, but also, they all live in Berlin! Why on Earth? This week in The Music Mix we intend to find out. Is it a case of the German capital being the cheapest European city in which to live? Probably…almost certainly, but if we dig a little deeper we find the solution to that gnawing yen that afflicts so many of our local musicians who wish to find a truly sympathetic audience and a legion of kindred musical spirits. Nick Atkinson speaks to long-time residents and those hip-hopping onto the beat-driven band waggon in this weeks Music Mix Berlin Special.

Lucky Paul... Paul Taylor. He's a percussionist and producer who’s just released his debut EP Slow Ground on Somethinksounds in Berlin, where Paul’s been living for the last two years.  The Aucklander is living up to his ‘Lucky’ moniker as Kirsten Johnstone found out when she spoke to him in his new base in Canada.


Lucky Paul busking on the streets of Berlin.