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The line that traces the steady rise of Melbourne based musician Gotye has become parabolic in recent weeks as his duet with Kimbra, Somebody That I Used To Know, infects the media. As well as interviews with the two singers of this remarkable track Nick Atkinson speaks to the director of the meticulously crafted video Natasha Pincus, who describes Gotye as having “that brilliant blend of art and science in him”. Watch the video here.


Emma Hack painting Kimbra during the shoot. Photo: Natasha Pincus

Sean Kirkwood

This young folk-blues musician proves that there’s a new movement coming out of Havelock North. With supportive music teachers and a healthy local touring scene groups like The Thomas Oliver Band emerge from Hawkes Bay fully formed. Inspired by the Havelock scene Sean has followed Thomas Oliver to Wellington and he regales Nick Atkinson with accounts of after dinner jam sessions in their shared Mirama Heights house that overflows with traditional sounds. Sean also shows off his facility with the lap-slide guitar as he plays a couple of new tunes live in Radio New Zealand’s Auckland studios.

Sean Kirkwood Cover Photo

Sean Kirkwood and his lap-slide. Photo: Kevin Dwyer


People’s poet and working class hero Tourettes has made a career out of his mission statement “getting the words out of my head and into yours”. On album number four he’s been assisted by producer Karl Steven. Sam Wicks talked to Tourettes about unleashing his new record.

Panther And The Zoo

Aucklanders Panther And The Zoo were snared by Graham Panther three years ago. The evolving line-up has settled into it’s current all-star form with Hayden East from Lawrence Arabia and Tono And The Finance Company main man, Anthonie Tonnon, recording with Panther on the debut album More Fun. The three musicians spoke to Lydia Jenkin about the effects of playing in other bands, working with producer Bob Frisbee, and trying to be less ironic.