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Tigilau Ness

This year local reggae music legend and activist Tigilau Ness returned to his parent’s homeland for the first time. He tells Nick Atkinson about the trip to Niue and plays us a couple of his songs.

Tigilau Ness

Tigilau Ness. Photo: Nick Atkinson

The Wilberforces

Vipassana Buddhism can offer its practitioners insights into reality through meditation and reflection. It’s also the name of a noisy new album from Muzai Records’ Wilberforces, a band that’s been scaled down since the departure of Emily Littler to Street Chant. Sam Wicks talks to the remaining Wilberforces, Thomas Burton and Callum Sleigh, about the beautiful racket they’re making as a duo.

We Are Augustines

They’re a new band with an incredible back-story. Billy McCarthy and Eric Sanderson were in the Brooklyn-based band Pela. The group disintegrated before it could achieve its potential. But Billy and Eric carried on eventually forming We Are Augustines. The group’s debut album, Rise Ye Sunken Ships has just been released. Many of the songs are based on the harrowing experiences of Billy’s family, who were torn apart by mental illness and suicide. Marty Duda caught up with the group in a rehearsal studio in Brooklyn and spoke to the band about the emotional bond that kept them together. Check out video of Marty talking to the band in New York.