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Ria Hall

Hollie Smith calls her “the best singer in the country” Bella Kalolo says she has “R’n’B licks to heaven and back”, but who is Ria Hall? She’s just released her debut, self-titled EP produced with Riki Gooch. Nick Atkinson talked with Ria about her staunchly bi-lingual new record.

Ria Hall


Silver Scroll and Tate Prize winner James Milne, whose band Lawrence Arabia have been clocking up the air miles of late, form an unlikely pairing with Black Seeds guitarist Mike Fabulous. Emma Smith has the story.

Lisa Crawley

“I’ve had three boyfriends in my time and they all have a song” says Lisa Crawley. “A recent break-up helped me finish the album, but not all the songs are about relationships” she tells Lydia Jenkin in a revealing interview about her debut album Everything That I Have Seen. Listen to Lisa Crawley's live to air with Jim Mora here.