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Malcolm Haynes

With a history that stretches back over 40 years Glastonbury has become arguably the world’s most prestigious music festival. This year The Naked And Famous, Shapeshifter, Ladi 6, Electric Wire Hustle, King Kapisi and Bella Kalolo all performed there thanks in large part, to the finely tuned ears of talent buyer Malcolm Haynes, who took time out from beach hopping to talk business with Nick Atkinson.

Alistair Galbraith

Alistair Galbraith has always been an unconventional musician searching for new sounds produced in innovative ways. From his early days playing in Flying Nun bands he’s graduated from strumming guitars to playing entire buildings. His latest venture took him to the Auckland waterfront where an old industrial concrete silo was about to become a musical instrument. Nick Atkinson found Galbraith in the process of stringing up the huge structure.

Wynyard Quarter

Alistair Galbraith playing a wire resonating into a concrete silo. Photo: Angela Busby

Sticky Filth

They’ve been at it an amazing 26 years. Craig Radford still lives in Taranaki where the band was formed while long-time guitarist Chris Snowdon and drummer Mark ‘Boot’ Hill are now Aucklanders. The band’s longevity is even more impressive given they nearly lost two of their number this year in serious accidents, after recording new album Fourth Domain. Richard Wain investigates.