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King Kapisi

King KapisiSamoan rapper King Kapisi, A.K.A. Bill Urale, is a workaholic musician who spends all his hours making beats and multi-media content with his wife Tere Urale, one of the original members of hip-hop pioneers, Upper Hutt Posse. Nick Atkinson visited the King Kapisi HQ in Auckland recently to be given the grand tour by the husband and wife team.

Victoria Girling-Butcher

She's leaving the big smoke to move back home to Taranaki. Nick Atkinson dropped in on Victoria Girling-Butcher as she was shunting boxes in preparation for the big shift. Her black labrador, Rosie, was looking pensive and so was Victoria as she contemplated leaving Auckland. "I'll miss all the musicians" she said while reflecting on the making of her latest album Summit Drive, which features Jol Mulholland, Andrew Keoghan and Wayne Bell, who all play on yet another record produced in The Lab studio, Mt Eden.

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Victoria Girling-Butcher. Photo: Belinda Bradley