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The Sisters of Mercy

The Sisters, and frontman Andrew Eldritch, have had a number of maulings from a notoriously fickle UK music press in the 31 years since they debuted in Leeds and he still flinches at the usual description of them as a goth band. Eldritch lives somewhere in Europe, speaks fluent French and German, and is evidently a very community-minded fellow; he was back in Leeds helping his local fencing club host the European Championship when Richard Wain tracked him down.

New Order

Bernard Sumner, the founder of Joy Division and New Order, talks to Volume magazine editor Sam Wicks.

Julien Dyne

Dyne is now the backbone of the Ladi 6 touring band and he’s just released his second solo album Glimpse, which finds his style moving away from the soulful organic sound of his debut Pins and Digits. Influenced by his two summers living in Berlin the new record hisses and bleeps in a futuristic fashion. Nick Atkinson visits the home of the producer, drummer and visual artist.


Julien Dyne next to one of his collages. Photo: Nick Atkinson

Julien Dyne s keyboardsOil painting cropJulien s drums

Julien's keyboards, an oil painting and his drums. Photos: Nick Atkinson